April 1, 2014

Heading Back to Canada, Boo Hoo!

Hello everyone, we are heading back to Kelowna, Canada tomorrow. I could cry! We have just loved our adventures since July when we started out in Alaska. Oh well there are Taxes to pay, bank appointments and doctors,  dentists…. All the Things that have to be taken care of before we head out across Canada […]

March 30, 2014

Sneaker Wave in Action!

It is still spring break in Oregon, lots of families out enjoying the Coast. Its high tide and the sea is really high and rough. Looks like severe rip tide too. We decide to stay high and dry, way up on the dry sand today , but of course there are always a few who […]

March 29, 2014

Stormy Weather and a Little Poetry.

The thunder roared , the lightening crashed, the RV shook , the pisspot smashed! Rain so hard today it was deafening!, I don’t think I ever saw rain like this , including Newfie!!!, and thats saying something!  The rainforest to Ecola State Park. The trees are beautiful, covered in moss.           […]

March 28, 2014

Man Overboard…..or not?

We hike up Indian beach yesterday, Forecast is for stormy weather and high seas.   Heavy rain clouds , so we dress for the part, waterproof  coats, pants and boots           Stormy yet beautiful!     We see people on the point at end of beach, standing on the point, so […]

March 23, 2014

Crescent Beach, Ecola State Park, Or.

Hiked thru the rainforest for 1.5 miles to get to crescent beach, it was spectacular, only a few people here because it was a good hike in!     Hiking thru the rainforest, some muddy and steep areas to get down to the beach     At the view point , looking down at crescent […]

March 22, 2014

Arcadia Beach , Oregon.

Beginning of March break , the RV park is filling up with plenty of people on Vacation and taking advantage of the warm , sunny weekend to come.   Canada sure did get the Raw Deal when it comes to Winter. Its March 22, 2014  and everyone here is heading out to the beach, with […]

March 21, 2014

Cannon Beach , Oregon

  Hiking the very touristy Cannon Beach, lots of people here and vacation rentals, but still a dog friendly beach, God Bless America!   Lots of beach activities here, Kids  with kites!               Kids digging in the sand     Mom texting , see a lot of that!   […]

March 21, 2014

Indian Beach, Ecola State Park, Oregon.

  Indian Beach at Ecola State park. Hiked this beach Yesterday . 16C, lovely.         You can see Tillamook Rock Lighthouse From this beach.     Tillamook lighthouse zoomed in.             Great surf today, as usual!     Crazy people taking advantage of the surf. We think […]

March 19, 2014

Haystack Rock, Cape Kwanda.

      Hiking the beach at Cape Kwanda,  Haystack Rock  in the background . Finally a break in the weather.       Bella finds more beach junk, and she drags it all the way down the beach     What a find…. We need the pair Bella!       Still got that […]

March 17, 2014

Oceanside, Oregon. Arch Rock.

After 2 days of  armegadon rainfall!, we finally get to hike a beach again. This time we head to  3 Arch Rock in Oceanside.   But first I get the lifejackets on the dogs , in case of flash flooding from these coastal rains!!!LOL…… Bella is not impressed!, Stormy thinks its a Blast!   Torrential […]